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The Weekly Beer Update!

Short's Superfluid (6-pack bottles)
Superfluid is an American Double IPA with a large, but basic malt bill that explodes with resiny hop aromas! The hop flavors are the focus of this beer due to the lack of sweet specialty grains. Tasty qualities of citrus fruit and berries explode on the palate. Superfluid’s perfect bitterness resonates across the palate, complementing the awesome hop intensity.
Beer Advocate score 90 points!

Short's Uncle Steve's Irish Stout (6-pack bottles)
Uncle Steve’s Irish Stout is Short’s version of the classic Irish Stout, complete with a dark color, soft head, and smooth full flavor typical of this lighter bodied beer. A simple grist formula provides a base of roasted malt flavors and a creamy drinkability everyone loves.

Beer Advocate score 84 points.

Desthil Wild Sour Here Gose Nothin (6-pack cans)
"Our Leipzig-Style Gose undergoes a spontaneous fermentation, similar to Belgian-style Gueuze/Lambic beers, and exhibits a complexity of acidic flavor and aroma contributed by wild yeast lactic fermentation. Lemon, lime and other citrus-like qualities are present in aroma and on the palate, which is balanced by the spicy character of added coriander and a mineral-mouthfeel from added sea salt."
Beer Advocate score 87 points. 

Great Lakes Conway's Irish Ale (6-pack bottles)
A pint for Pa Conway! Our co-owners’ grandfather and policeman who’d likely uphold that an Irish Ale with full-bodied caramel malt flavors is just the ticket. 
Arrestingly smooth with a rap sheet of toasty biscuit and caramel malt flavors. Conway's Irish Ale pairs well with corned beef, stews, and a hard day's work.

Beer Advocate score 86 points.

Flying Dog Bloodline Blood Orange Ale (6-pack bottles)
Originally a small-batch release in the spring of 2013. Bloodline is brewed with blood orange peel and blood orange juice and hits the perfect balance between  citrus sweetness and bitterness. Bloodline begins with huge grapefruit on the nose. Then, a delicate balance of citrus sweetness and bitterness. Try it with grilled light proteins, salads with fruity vinaigrettes, and fresh salsa.
Beer Advocate score 87 points.

Founder's Porter  (6-pack bottles)
Pours silky black with a creamy tan head. The nose is sweet with strong chocolate and caramel malt presence. No absence of hops gives Founders’ robust porter the full flavor you deserve and expect. Cozy like velvet. It’s a lover, not a fighter.
Beer Advocate score 94 points.

Uncle John's Apple Blueberry Hard Cider 
(4-pack cans)
The base starts as our Uncle John’s fresh apple cider which we ferment and blend with rich Michigan Blueberry Juice. This carbonated blush showcases the elegant flavors of ripe blueberries and finishes soft on your palate.

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hold any of these brews for you!  We'll email you when they arrive, so you know when to come grab them. Please note that we will hold beers for one week after the date that you reserve them.

Please join us!

Join us for a Hard Cider tasting with Left Foot Charley!
Melissa will be in the house on Saturday, February 20thfrom 1-3pm sampling delicious hard ciders, made in Traverse City by our friends at Left Foot Charley!
We’ll taste their Henry’s Pippin, Cinnamon Girl, and Antrim Apple ciders! Join us to sip on some unique and fabulous cider while you learn a little about how it’s made! Whether you’re craving something warming & spicy or crisp & refreshing, let a Left Foot Charley cider quench your thirst!
BONUS! Save $1 per bottle during the tasting!
So join us for this free tasting at The Produce Station: 
1629 S. State Street Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104

Beer Arrival List for Friday 02/05/16

The Weekly Beer Update!

Speak up now by sending us an email, and we'll hold any of these brews for you!  We'll email you when they arrive, so you know when to come grab them. Please note that we will hold beers for one week after the date that you reserve them.

Sierra Nevada Otra Vez (6-pack bottles)
On our search for the perfect warm weather beer, we wanted something light bodied and thirst quenching, yet filled with complex and interesting flavors. We stumbled across the fruit of the prickly pear cactus, native to California. This tangy fruit is a great complement to the tart and refreshing traditional gose style beer. Otra Vez combines prickly pear cactus with a hint of grapefruit for a refreshing beer that will have you calling for round after round. Otra Vez!
Beer Advocate score 86 points.

Crankers Aphrodisiac (22 oz. bottles)
Chocolate Pomegranate Imperial Stout called Aphrodisiac (8.4%). This beer features rich chocolate notes with pomegranate backing it up. It is brewed with lactose to create a full rich body.

Beer Advocate score not available.

Odd Side Fight Milk 
(6-pack bottles)

8% alcohol. Imperial milk stout. That's all we know.
Beer Advocate score not available. 

Atwater Cash for Gold (6-pack bottles)
This Dortmunder is as good as gold, maybe better. Pawn shops are a dime a dozen in the city of Detroit, but this lager sets its self apart from the craft masses. 

Beer Advocate score not available.

Bell's Smitten Golden Rye Ale (6-pack bottles)
Drawn from one of our oldest recipes, Smitten Ale began as part of a series of rye beers at our Eccentric Café. The combination of sharp citrus & resinous flavors from the hops with the earthy, rustic overtones of the rye malt contribution yield an interesting take on the American Pale Ale.
Beer Advocate score 85 points.

Petoskey Brewing Horney Monk  (4-pack cans)
A deep reddish, malty, and complex Belgian style ale. Six different types of malted barley, Belgian candied syrup and Belgian yeast are combined to produce a very smooth, complex and slightly sweet ale.
Beer Advocate score not available.

Right Brain Fire Starter
 (22 oz. bottles)
A deep bodied and roasty porter with strong smoky notes and a mild spicy finish. Flavor profile very similar to that of traditional Mexican Mole' sauces.
Beer Advocate score 86 points.

Stone Delicious IPA (6-pack bottles)
While our beers are many and diverse, yet unified by overarching boldness, India pale ales are our undeniable bread and butter. The result is an intensely citrusy, beautifully bitter beer is worthy of the simple-yet-lordly title of Stone Delicious IPA. Lemondrop and El Dorado hops combine to bring on a magnificent lemon candy-like flavor that’s balanced by hop spice. It’s unlike anything we’ve tasted in nearly two decades of IPA experimentation, and another lupulin-laced creation we’re excited to present to hopheads everywhere.
Beer Advocate score 88 points.

Dark Horse Rain in Blood (6-pack bottles)
Our tribute to the late Jeff Hanneman and the greatest band of all time, Slayer. This pale ale is brewed with fresh blood oranges and blood orange juice that is hand squeezed at the brewery. It should be enjoyed fresh and paired with delicious heavy metal. SLAYER!
Beer Advocate score 81 points.

Schmohz Kiss My Scottish Arse
 (6-pack bottles)
In the spirit of Chas' Great Uncle McGlean, this Great Ale will not only lift your kilt, but raise ye spirit to an attitude of mighty altitude. Presented with the best of malts, grains and the select hops, it will not be for the faint of pint raisers.
Bring your bonnie lass and hold on!
Beer Advocate score not available.

Schmohz John T. Pilsner (6-pack bottles)
Fermented cold and slow for over four months to provide the old world taste of a set in its way beer. Very refreshing and definitely different.
Beer Advocate score not available.

Speak up now by sending us an email, and we'll hold any of these brews for you!  We'll email you when they arrive, so you know when to come grab them. Please note that we will hold beers for one week after the date that you reserve them.

Beer Arrival List for Friday 01/29/16

The Weekly Beer Update!

Short's Love Knife 
(6-pack bottles)
Love Knife is a brownish red Belgian Amber Ale that explodes with aromas of strawberry, banana, and nectarine. Malt sweetness is quite low, allowing for the fruit flavors to be apparent throughout the beer. One day while looking over popular Belgian beer styles, Tony noted that there were not a lot of Belgian Amber Ales. Therefore, he decided to create a recipe with a malt bill that loosely resembled a typical Amber Ale found in the states. By adding Belgian yeast and American hop varieties, Tony created a uniquely new and different hybridized style.
Beer Advocate score not available. 

Rogue Double Chocolate Stout 
(750 ml bottles)
Double Chocolate Stout is an evolution of Rogue Chocolate Stout, which is flavored with imported Dutch bittersweet chocolate. The winner of three World Beer Championships Gold Medals. Pair with beef... and dessert.

Perfect for your craft beer loving Valentine!
Beer Advocate score 93 points.

Lagunitas Undercover Investigation Shutdown
(6-pack bottles)
Our malty and rich beer with a snappy hop finish truly defies style…Imperial Mild?...Uber ESB?... We do know for sure that it is Unforgiven and Unrepentant.
Beer Advocate score 90 points.

Arbor Brewing Company Espresso Love (6-pack bottles)
Oatmeal and 20 pounds of fresh roasted coffee from the Ugly Mug Café contribute to a mildly chalky espresso character balanced by a rich, sweet creamy maltiness. Coffee finish dissolves into chocolate with a slight roasty bitterness.Brewed with 100% fair-trade coffee from the Ugly Mug Café and Roastery in Ypsilanti, MI. Pairs well with desserts, especially dark chocolate, raspberries, and cheesecake.
Beer Advocate score 74 points.

Old Nation Sanders Chocolate Stout
(6-pack bottles)
A smooth cream stout with a chocolate finish.
Beer Advocate score 80 points.

Bell's Hopslam (6-pack cans)
Starting with six different hop varietals added to the brew kettle & culminating with a massive dry-hop addition of Simcoe hops, Bell's Hopslam Ale possesses the most complex hopping schedule in the Bell's repertoire. Selected specifically because of their aromatic qualities, these Pacific Northwest varieties contribute a pungent blend of grapefruit, stone fruit, and floral notes. A generous malt bill and a solid dollop of honey provide just enough body to keep the balance in check, resulting in a remarkably drinkable rendition of the Double India Pale Ale style.
Beer Advocate score 99 points!

Speak up now by sending us an email, and we'll hold any of these brews for you!  We'll email you when they arrive, so you know when to come grab them. Please note that we will hold beers for one week after the date that you reserve them.

Beer Arrival List for Friday 01/08/16

The Weekly Beer Update!

Oddside Hop Gobbler
 (6-pack bottles)
The hop fairies have taken charge on this extra pale ale. A well balanced ale with loads of flavorful hops. 
Beer Advocate score 85 points.

Short's Twisted Cane
 (6-pack bottles)
Twisted Cain is an American Black Ale that pours black in color with red hues passing through the edges of the glass, topped with a creamy off-white head. This medium bodied brew leads with a pleasant roasted aroma, before a sweet dark fruitiness, that ends in slightly bitter and dry finish.
Beer Advocate score not available.

Ballast Point Sea Monster (22 oz. bombers)
Our Sea Monster Imperial Stout explores the darkest reaches of the traditional oatmeal stout. This bold, rich brew first lures you in with roasted coffee notes, then grabs hold with hints of bittersweet chocolate and currant. Backed with a perfect hop balance, you’ll soon discover this is one monster of mythic proportions.
Beer Advocate score 89 points.

Founder's Imperial Stout (4-pack bottles)
Brewed with ten varieties of malted barley, this stout is smooth as silk, yet complex and rich in body. Serve this guy at cellar temperature. Put another log on the fire, sit back and enjoy the friendship of this ultimate winter warmer.
Beer Advocate score 96 points!

Arcadia Hop Rocket (4-pack bottles)
This Imperial IPA has an assertive aroma of sticky, resinous Summit hops. A complex flavor profile includes notes of grapefruit, lemon peel, and spruce. Though the flavor focus is on hops, a trio of malts provides a balance to the beer, creating a delicious level of palatability. Hints of caramel, toffee and freshly-baked biscuits are also apparent in the flavor profile.
Beer Advocate score 86 points.

Arcadia Porter Rico (6-pack bottles)
Take a trip to the lost island of Porter Rico, where the cacao and coconut live in harmony and frolic the sandy shores. Our island getaway takes the form of a dark, chocolatey beer, with a balancing sweetness, medium body, and lingering mouthfeel. Intense toasted coconut rides the trade winds for a truly exotic, yet comfortingly familiar pint.
Beer Advocate score not available.

Arcadia Shipwreck Porter
 (12 oz. bottles)
The Baltic-style porter has a robust malt character and a slight herbal hop bitterness. Aged for 12 months in 10-year-old Kentucky bourbon oak barrels, this alluring dark liquid features appealing undertones of vanilla, oak, cocoa and coffee. The aging occurs in abandoned mines in Michigan, at a constant temperature of 45F.
Beer Advocate score 92 points!


Beer Arrival List for Friday 12/18/15

The Weekly Beer Update!


Speak up now by sending us an email, and we'll hold any of these brews for you!  We'll email you when they arrive, so you know when to come grab them.

Ballast Point Sculpin (6-pack bottles)
A trophy beer that’s a testament to our homebrew roots. Our Sculpin IPA is a great example of what got us into brewing in the first place. After years of experimenting, we knew hopping an ale at five separate stages would produce something special. The result ended up being this gold-medal winning IPA, whose inspired use of hops creates hints of apricot, peach, mango and lemon flavors, but still packs a bit of a sting, just like a Sculpin fish.
Beer Advocate 97 points.


Old Nation Two Crow Stout (6-pack bottles)
I passed two crows on a branch in a field, still and calm.  They seemed natural and out of place, all at once.  Two Crow Black Sugar Stout is like that; black as night with something hard to define in its’ nature.  Dark Malts, noble hops and two kinds of house caramelized MI beet sugars combine to create a beautifully balanced high gravity stout. Strong stout with caramelized Michigan sugar. Not overly sweet or heavy for the ABV.
Beer Advocate score not available.


Old Nation Detroit Dwarf (6-pack bottles)
Inspired by the legendary “Nain Rouge”(French for Red Dwarf), our signature beer is full in flavor while remaining very balanced and crisp. It is our pride and pleasure to provide you with one of the finest Alt beers brewed in the United States. Alt beer (N. German ale: Dusseldorf). Amber ale fermented at lager temp. 4 time GABF Medal winner. World Beer Cup Silver Medal.
Beer Advocate score not available.

Stochasticity Project Grainiac (22 oz. bottles)
This hoppy, deep amber-hued beer was created to shine a light on rare, unexplored grains seldom used in the brewing world. In addition to barley, wheat, rye and triticale, we added malted millet and malted buckwheat to bring the total unique grain count to nine. The earthy, nutty notes of granola found in this experimental multigrain malt bomb are complemented by the citrusy, piney flavors of four classic American hops. We dry-hopped the beer with Cascade and Centennial hops at the end, adding more citrus notes and rounding out the grain bill’s rich, bready character. This beer had its share of controversy inside Stone. 

Beer Advocate score 87 points.


Short's Brewing The Liberator (6-pack bottles)
The Liberator was made as a 30th birthday gift to Joe Short. As a double IPA, this beast employs a sizable malt bill, but it is the crazy amount of hops added to the boil every 4 minutes, for 120 minutes, that really make this beer special. Fruity, floral, and piney hop flavors penetrate throughout the caramelized malt profile. The Liberator is a well-balanced, full bodied brew that has a bitter finish due to the post fermentation addition of lemon and orange zest. The original batch brewed on the Bellaire system had 42lbs of hops in it, compared to Huma, which has around 20lbs of hops per batch. Today’s Elk Rapids batches have up to 138lbs of hops. The name, The Liberator, came from Joe’s name for the Short’s employees who carry out our company’s mission statement as “Beer Libera

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